RGC Projects


San Diego Zoo Safari - 1st Friday & 3rd Wednesday 

Chandler Herb Garden -Our members maintain the herb garden . We planted native plants and herbs in this wonderful garden and keep it looking beautiful for the park vistors to enjoy. Chairperson: Debbie Gomez


Collier Community Park- 2nd & 4th Fridays 

Blue Star Memorial - The garden is planted in red, white, and blue plants in memory of our fallen service personnel. Many park visitors have enjoyed sitting on our "rock" bench for a silent moment of gratitude. The planting and maintenance continues throughout the year.  Chairperson: Teri Schmidt

Collier Park Cont…Water-wise Gardening 

We started this garden a few years ago to take advantage of all the native plants that can grow in Ramona. It has grown up beautifully, and we are very proud of it. Since the original garden is looking great, we have decided to expand this garden into a part of the park that has been weed infested. We are working on the pathways and good plant selection.

Chairperson: Teri Schmidt

The park now has a (previously donated) bat box installed due to the generosity of the crew from Pro Trees of Encinitas. http://www.protrees.com  While trimming palm trees, Pro Trees  used a cherry picker to mount it nearly 20ft high. This should assist in the controlling the mosquito population. 

Penny Pines- Ongoing at monthly meetings

Tree Reforestation - Our club has committed to an annual purchase of 4 plantations ($272) to support the Cleveland National Forest reforestation program. Please make a donation to this worthy cause at each of our monthly meetings. Chairperson: Suze Whalen

Local High School Student Scholarships - April 

Garden Related - Each year we offer scholarships to local High School students toward any garden related vocation. The scholarships are funded by our annual April garden tour and plant sale. Buy a ticket to our April garden tour and help us with this well deserved scholarship fund. Chairpersons: Rita Eastman & Bernadette Faust

Ramona Library Flowers - Weekly 

Friends of the Library - The library really appreciates having fresh flowers every week from our club members. This project is simple and easy. Cut some flowers from your garden and take them to the Ramona Library. Chairperson: Peggy Kershek



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