Monthly Meetings




 Cynthia Pardoe will be discussing The Art of Caring for Pelargoniums in San Diego County at our May 8, 2019 meeting.  Cynthia  is a multimedia artist who loves her garden. Her landscape is the very  canvas that is cultivated with inspiration toward her professional  artistic endeavors.  

C has lectured internationally to other geranium and  pelargonium enthusiasts. She continues to do her best to preserve  endangered pelargoniums within this amazing geranium family and  encourages others to help preserve them as well. 

Cynthia will be bringing geraniums to sell.

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 The Ramona Garden Club meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month at location Mountain View Community Church located at 1191 Meadowlark Way Ramona, CA, except ( June, July & August).  

Members  and their guests are welcome to attend the event, which begins with a  potluck finger foods, continues with a brief meeting and the speaker’s  presentation, and ends with an opportunity drawing of plants and  related garden goodies. 

The public is welcome to attend.